Line up for Review!

On Performance Reviews:

It's a repugnant process. It's insulting to people and unnecessary. I'm more in favor of open accountability against previously decided criteria that everyone agrees upon. Light is the greatest disinfectant in nature and also in organizations. If you have real-time information, against the goals you've established together, then people can evaluate their own performance, and you can become a source of help to them.

You talk about the need to treat employees as people rather than things. How do you feel about outsourcing jobs to other countries? Doesn't it treat people as things that are disposable?

If you're up against global competition, you go wherever you can find core competency. Sometimes if you're going to really compete, [outsourcing] will happen. But that doesn't mean you don't constantly do everything you can to invest in your own people and involve them in the decisions. Outsourcing is inevitable, and I don't think it's necessarily treating people like things.

Stephen Covey, The secrets of his success, "Fortune" November 2004

Yes, review season has come again, a process that in the context of the employer-employee relationship *SHOULD* be a process that has both parties actively involved. Sadly, today many corporations, and most Wall Street analysts view employees as a liability - salaries, raises, training and benefits are annoying expenses to be kept to a minimum. This view however is inevitably short sighted – it burns up long term viability by eliminating the fuel, desire, and goodwill for future growth.

Am I right? Wrong?


These are not the email addresses you are looking for...

"...messages jump out because they are from an address that ends with '', the cyberspace neighborhood of parents and children but never of students, hackers, or people who actually work in high-tech."

Neal Stephenson

I get the oddest emails sometimes.  This time it wan't (actually now that I think about it, I don't see anymore as an email suffex - progress perhaps?) but near enough in the "not businesslike " pecking order.




Other people

“Unbelievers always want other people to act like Christians."
-Ender's Shadow, Orson Scott Card


Red Lion


Common Wisdom is wrong on short term layoffs:

...companies may rely too much on the crutch of layoffs, which just exacerbates the recession. What's worse, many layoffs have dubious value. A Bain & Company study from the early 2000s recession concluded laying people off can be expensive. As the study's authors reported in the April 2002 Harvard Business Review, if you refill a job within six to eighteen months, you lose money on the deal. The drag on earnings, they said, includes; severance packages, temporary declines in productivity or quality, and rehiring and retraining costs that more than offset the short-term wage savings. Badly handled layoffs also destroy morale. To stay strong, to find opportunities to cut costs in smart ways, and to get creative about the future, you'll need everyone on board. So undermining morale may not be a great idea right now. In many cases, there's another way.

Green Cost Cutting: Five Ways to Get Lean Now,  Andrew Winston


The Big Boost




Man the is this. Pays Crime. Clothes mother’s his wears General Secretary the.” He waited five seconds, said with the English accent, “I wear a Stetson now” – and waited two more seconds and said softly, “Wake up.” There was a pause so short it might have been only in Trent’s imagination. The InfoNet Relay station said, “Hello, Boss.

-Daniel Keys Moran, The AI War: Book One, The Big Boost





Unfettered corporatism

You wish to know more about us? Excellent!
After all, knowledge should be free, eh Captain?!

Let's see... about us
...well, we ARE the Crimson Corporation, and the Crimson Corporation is us.

When the Corporation's earnings are up, our quality of life soars, and our benefit packages improve.
The further up the ladder you are, the more you profit individually.

When times are hard, the Corporation must cut costs, usually by laying off employees.

Since everything on our world is Corporation property this means any ex-employee is instantly trespassing and is guilty of  stealing Corporation property such as air and sunlight.

The only appropriate penalty for theft is to feed the furnace.

--Druuge, The Ur Quan Masters